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 Pivot-Exhaustion Grid Indicators Package


Opening Range Bar
These yellow line plots bracket the ORB, begin and end for the Day-only session, and are under-imposed beneath the rest of the daily bar chart action, so as to remain visible but unobtrusive.

Day Session Close (Gap Indicator Line Plot)
All gaps that have not been closed by price action are projected outward in time until 'taken' by subsequent Day Session action. These are mnemonically color coded, and include the same user preferences as to price level labels, date-of-origin, and terminate-if-touched options.

Break-Away Lapse
Break-Laps, or B-Laps, as we call them, denote any fast break away action in the lower time frames that create a narrow lapse in tick data, and are marked with a thin line plot, in keeping with their relatively subordinate role in the overall Exhaustion Grid. This commonly appearing concept is unique to ValhallaFutures programming, and its affect on market action easily witnessed on any day of the week.

Daily Highs and Lows
These sky-blue and sea blue color coded plots are auto-projected out into all future time frames with easily viewed price labels, date-of-origin option, and end-if-touched
programming features.

Night Session Highs Lows
Same programming features as Daily Highs and Lows. Includes a separate template that plots the night session only (ETH only), and auto-extracts and plots those  high/lows into the day-only session charts for all four stock index contracts, ES, NQ, YM and RTY, as well as any other futures contracts needing similar consideration.

All Session Hourly Swing High Lows
As with the Extended Trading Hours Only session, the relevant swing high-lows from a set of all-session, hourly bars are ported into the lower time frame day-only charts. As with the high-low ranges, and all other line plots used in the Pivot-Exhaustion Grid, these price levels are auto-drawn, auto-ported and auto-terminated, based on rules peculiar to their individual concepts.

The 'Curves'
ValhallaFutures uses two sets of Moving Average pairs that provide a dynamic target of intraday swing exhaustion. The longer period duration pair is designed to follow at the action of the larger, 24 hour frame, as ported into the lower Day Session frame. As with all the indicators of the Pivot-Exhaustion Grid, easy to remember, mnemonic color coding is provided as a user preference.

Floor Trader Pivots

A set of 'old school' floor trader pivots is also provided with the Grid, with a slight twist in the programming that our experience has led us to believe in their greater accuracy.

Time Period Markers
The same TimeMarkers as those used in methods described in the book, creating vertical line plots automatically at each designated occurrence. User preferences accommodate a warning line before each TimeMarker arrives, and include economic news schedule variance as user adjusted preferences.

VFPivExhGrid Template
Included in this package is an NinjaTrader 8 chart template that will automatically load and format the indicators with a set of user preferences to match those described in the book, and in the companion video on this site, on the ValhallaFutures Trade Room page.

The VF Pivot-Exhaustion Grid indicators package includes the plotting concepts listed below. All subscribers of the Valhallafutures Trade Room receive an authorization to use this indicator package in NinjaTrader 8 for the term of their Trade Room subscription.  In addition, subscribers also receive monthly authorization to our trade execution application, the 1ClickChartDOM, as well. 

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