What's Included:

A set of indicators that render all key levels of the Pivot-Exhaustion Grid.


All calls are announced ahead of entry giving you time to prepare and join the trade. 

A fully scalable Depth Of Market embedded on any chart with one click order entry and position management.

Real-Time Trade Calls

Valhallafutures broadcasts real-time trade calls in the CME Index Futures for the 1st Frame of each trading day, from the 9:30am ET market opening, to usually around 11 to 11:15am ET.

The tools and methodology used to make these calls are the same ValhallaFutures has taught over the last 15 years in its Futures Trading Course, some of which can be found in two books, titled: Pivots, Patterns and Intraday Swing Trades, and its companion book on trading psychology, True Self, both available in inexpensive Kindle editions online at Amazon.com, and other dealers.

Many of the tools described in Pivots, Patterns book are packaged in a smaller version of our Trading Course software, called the Pivot-Exhaustion Grid. We license this smaller, limited package of our Trading Course software to room attendee's as part of their monthly subscription, along with our new trade execution app, we call the 1ClickChartDOM. Both are free with the monthly trade room zoomcast subscription.

If you haven't already done so, you should take 1Click for test drive. If you're a short term futures trader, you'll find its features pretty amazing....

And if you're somewhat familiar with valhallafutures, and want to spend a month watching our trade methodology via real-time entry signals, just sign up for a month or so, and you can SIM trade along with us for further evaluation.

For a sample of what you can expect your own desktop to look like using the two pieces of software we provide for our trade room zoomcast subscription, just watch the video below....

Real-Time Trade Calls by ValhallaFutures


VF Indicators Package


Trade Room Details
Trade Room Details
The Pivot-Exhaustion Grid
The Pivot-Exhaustion Grid

ValhallaFutures uses some five disparate technical analysis concepts for the trade entry calls made every day in the ZoomCast subscription. The full software package, and the training to use them, comes only with the VF Trading Course. Membership to the course is by invitation only. However, an important element of the concepts used to acquire and label price levels, is included with the monthly trade room subscription.

That piece of our larger software package available to monthly Trade Room subscribers is the Pivot-Exhaustion Grid. The next video is a good primer in how to identify the various categories of price levels you will see on your screen when you have installed the Pivot-Exhaustion Grid software. 


And further down on this page, below this next video, you will find a brief overview of the underlying technical assumptions of the Pivot-Exhaustion Grid.

The Pivot-Exhaustion Grid

A great deal of the technical methodology currently in use by traders is essentially designed to identify the price levels where the current trend will stop, and possibly reverse. Most traders who have spent any time investigating the subject are at least somewhat familiar with such concepts as Fibonacci, floor traders pivot points, and volume studies like Market Profile, Market Footprint and Order Flow.

And much of the rules surrounding these technical studies are supposed to indicate areas, that if broken, can lead to an underlying shift in trend assumption.

But our observation of the market leads us to quite a different conclusion.  We observer, that in fact, only a minority of these supposed support / resistance numbers successfully hold price to produce tradable swing reactions.  And furthermore, we find that prevailing trend will often not continue until one of these not-supposed-to-break price levels is distinctly violated in a pullback, often running protective stop-loss orders in the process. Once understood, the best position entries in the futures markets might be considered from different levels altogether.


For a bit of market psychology that lends a better understanding to this underlying principal, see the section called “The Valhalla Corollaries”, in a companion book to our work, titled True Self.  It can be found online under the same author as Pivots, Patterns and Intraday Swing Trades.


And for some further study on another critical aspect of the Pivot-Exhaustion Grid, we call Inverted Support/Resistance, regarding the incidents where true break-outs do, in fact, occur, you may watch Webinar #3 on the ValhallaFutures.com website.

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