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One click trade entry & management

Fully embedded Chart DOM

Individual Contract Management

Designed in partnership with Valhalla Futures.

The ChartDOM scales vertically right along with your chart window, never losing sight of current price and chart bars. For safety, it holds in place just as you are placing orders, and also has an instant Center Price feature handily available, when needed.

ChartDOM Scaling

Trade Execution

From 1ClickChartDOM, execute your choice of any entry order type, using single, left-mouse clicks for each. Your Limit orders, STP-Market ordes, STM-Limit orders, MIT orders, and even Simulated STM-Limit orders are right in front of you, ready to be entered at any price, on any expanded scale.

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The three parts to the 1ClickChartDOM include Price Ladder Order DOM, the Custom Panel and your Management Lanes for current positions.  Quickly switch between seeing all three in view, or hiding one or the other, optimizing chart real estate.

Market orders are meant to be timed to a trader’s exact appraisal.  With 1ClickChartDOM, all three types of at-the-market executions, Buy-Sell at Bid, Buy-Sell at Ask, and Buy-Sell at Market remain immediately in focus, as you study the charts and Level II during your appraisal.

Market Orders More Immediate

Individual Contract Management

Once an entry order has been placed, its own graphic column appears for individual management. ATM Strategy targets and stop orders are managed on this column with a single click for any adjustments. No more click-drag-drop of flags. Think instant execution!

Markets are difficult enough without making entry errors. The 1Click application offers you a clear, visual confirmation of each order you’re about to enter by means of a reversal highlight.   Just hover your mouse, and press down the Shift key whenever considering an order.   Watch the video below, and then take us for a test spin, free trial available....

Precision Management, Fewer User Errors

Close Contracts Separately

Why hinder a wiser exit strategy by having to Close out all contract positions and working orders simultaneously?  Each 1Click order has its own Close out button so you can stay in control of each part of your position.

Optionally display a calculated theoretical profit or loss from your average entry price to where your mouse is hovering on the order column.

Pnl Projection Calculator



NinjaTrader 8


User Preferences and Design

Over 75 property preferences allow you to personalize the look and feature selection of 1ClickChartDOM. Choose Hot Keys that avoid conflict with other programs. Change colors to suit. Reduce the width of the DOM to increase your chart window real estate.



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1ClickChartDOM Overview
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Feature Rich with Graphic Aids

Market Depth comes with a graphic Level II histogram, allowing you to easily see where any large size Bid or Ask pricing appears in brightened highlight.   A mouse-trailing Target Meter enables you to adjust the distance to your Stops and Targets in ticks, points, dollars or percent.

Prior to order entry visually see where your ATM Strategy target and stop order will be placed. This give the trader an easy risk / reward view at the potential place of entry.

Visualize Target & Stop Before Entry

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